Terms & Conditions

Pick Up & Drop Off

  • Pick up is free of charge, regardless of location, tour starts upon pick up.
  • Drop off time will be deducted from touring time. E.g. Customer books 60 min tour. Hotel transfer time is 10 min. Actual touring time is 50 minutes.
  • Drop off location is mentioned by customer before tour starts, timing for drop off transfer & actual touring time is established beforehand
  • Please do not change your drop off location during the trip as it might affect your touring time
  • Exception: customers may choose to choose to change to a drop off location that is on the route of the tour already


  • Driver confirms with customer what time the tour has started
  • Driver will inform you when your tour is coming to an end. 
  • Should you wish to extend your tour, this is possible depending on the driver’s availability

Fees and Payment

  • Extra charges are for customer’s expenses: Pottery village, Tra Que, light house
  • Except for Experiences, which have all cost included in the price of the tour (listed in itinerary)
  • Fee is established upfront
  • Additional fees apply should you decide to extend your touring time
  • Drivers cannot give out discounts
  • Tips and gratuities not included


  • Safety first! Our drivers ensure your safety at all times, we appreciate the same from our customers
  • The driver has the right to refuse customers who display unsafe and / or rude behaviour and/ or are intoxicated. 
  • The driver has to concentrate during driving and is not to be distracted
  • Cancellations during the trip are not accepted
  • Special requests can be discussed with the driver
  • The driver has the right to decline requests

For feedback or questions, contact our hotline on +84 (0) 905 633 616 or email us on xinchao@hoiango.com 

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Hotline: +84 (0) 905 633 616 

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